Sheila Claudi-Partrat

is a certified Kundalini yoga teacher, with over 5000 hours of training, personal practice, teaching, coaching and mentoring – from the helper community to the “C-suiters”. Sheila is also the proud mother of three teens, a published author and speaker on pathways between food and health, a Food Science major as well as Co-founder and Director of an innovative food company, combining health, science and gourmet taste.

My story:

I started yoga at 43, after moving to Hong Kong from France to restart a business with my husband. Three kids in tow, dealing with complex health challenges in a few members of the family, after having left my cherished career as a publisher, I was looking for support. I turned both to yoga and sciences for solutions. After one course in kundalini yoga, I immediately understood its potential to profoundly uplift and impact the quality of life in the most practical way. I was hooked. 12 years later with thousands of hours behind me, it has become the foundation from which I have become mentally, physically and spiritually stronger, more compassionate with myself and others, and fearless, both on and off the mat.