Ancient techniques for a modern world, to balance mind, body and spirit


Intulife Yoga

Bringing the power of yoga into life


Leverage the power of Kundalini Yoga to help restore the balance that life can take out of us. Perfected over thousands of years, the techniques restore equilibrium, build resiliency and enhance performance even when the going gets tough.

The Power
of Breath

Power From Breath Performance and Wellbeing Workshops. These workshops empower with techniques to optimize performance and wellbeing NOW. Breath is an “on tap” resource. When used correctly, the results are specific and immediately beneficial: enhanced sleep, focus, alertness, relaxation, personal projection, etc. The techniques are safe, effective and can be used anywhere. Quick to master, these are a powerful addition to a group or corporate wellness offer.  Click here for details.


Towards a better today and tomorrow with Personalised Prescriptive Yoga. This personalized daily routine is designed to support your mental, physical and spiritual development. We start with food and sleep audit, build in sustainable adjustments, then add a personalized and goal oriented yoga and meditation daily routine. This program is for the self-starting individual who is looking for a practical, goal-oriented personalized program and support. Click here for details.

Kundalini Classes and Workshops

Kundalini yoga: for general wellbeing or specific benefits. Kundalini Yoga classes and workshops can leave participants either with that“feel great now” effect or be created for specific outcomes. Although the possibilities are vast, examples of popular workshops include resilience, enhanced sleep, beauty from the inside, or stress reduction. Perfect for a hotel or yoga center looking to integrate the benefits of Kundalini into their offer. Contact us for more details.