Prescriptive Yoga for a More Balanced Today and Tomorrow

through a personalized daily yoga and meditation routine, food and sleep optimization.

I believe the truth is in us and that balance and peace of mind can be progressively enhanced when we make small sustainable shifts in our daily routine. Well-being is built up from the ground up, starting at the physical level, then moving to mental then spiritual. As an image, if we get 4 hours of sleep per night or have 85 gr of added sugar daily,  meditation won’t be able to do much to enhance inner peace! If we work on the top end first, it’s like putting water in a vase without a bottom. Think about a house, you need solid foundations first before building the next level: it’s preferable to address imbalance in “our structure” then move up.

Daily disciplines are the mother of miracles.

Six steps and 15 mins x 40 days to renewed balance and vitality:

Rebalance food and drink. Start by reviewing the food and drink resource section to identify any underlying imbalances such as too much added sugar, too little clean absorbable protein or poor quality fats etc. (free resources, work at your own pace)

Optimize sleep. Sleep is the golden tie that binds body and health together. Find quick fixes to optimize sleep here.

Ready for your personalised daily yoga and meditation set? Yoga and wellness retreats are great, but unless practice is carried out daily, benefits can quickly dissipate. The techniques used here are personalized while being equally as effective for the stay at home parent balancing demands of kids and family, the time pressed executive juggling work and life, the student looking for better focus and flexibility, or the over 50 looking to delay the onset of aging, enhance sleep or reduce anxiety.

1. We start by discussing your goals to keep in mind when developing the personalised yoga set: Firmer boundaries? Better work life balance? Better quality sleep? Alleviate substance, food or sex addiction? Desire to develop mental grit and resistance to stress? Looking to increase focus? Or simply more flexibility and core strength? Count 1 hour.

2. Then we identify any imbalances in the energy centres. There are seven major energy centres in the body known as ‘Chakras’ which are connected to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Blocked energy in any chakra can lead to illness or disease at the emotional level. Click here to understand what each chakra represents and what we can do to keep this energy flowing freely. Evaluation of the chakras can be done through a questionnaire and consultation. This helps refine the best yogic practice.

3. You decide on the amount of time you’ll give your daily yoga and meditation routine. You set the time budget, and I work out a sequence that fits. We can work with as little as 15 minutes up to 1 hour per day, for a minimum of 40 days. Sorry, no short cuts.

4. Lastly I build and guide you through your personalized and videoed yoga routine that is designed to work toward your goals while balancing the energy centres. The videotaped routine consists of a short warm up, tune in, a yoga set, a rest period then a three minute meditation. No experience or flexibility required. For more info on the Kundalini Yoga routine sequence, click here.

5. Over to you. Now begins the daily work and commitment to self. With personalized routine in hand, we meet either face to face or by skype to walk through the best 40 day routine for YOU.

  • Given that it can be difficult to stick to a routine, my job is to help encourage consistency with regular calls. These help keep you on track and give me an opportunity to refine where necessary. What is discussed on the call, stays on the call.
  • What benefits can you expect? Gentle bumps and shifts along the route to progress. See more detail on benefits in About Kundalini Yoga.

6. Post 40 days, re-evaluation against all the original metrics regarding your goals, chakra balances along with an overview of food and sleep balance.

The investment? My goal is to serve and accompany positive shifts which can be hard to do alone.  Each 40 day packages is valued at  4000 HK$, supplementary 40 days are 2500HK$ each.  Please get in touch for details.