“Power From Breath” Performance Enhancing Breathing Techniques

Workshops for corporate wellness

Mindfulness is a big “buzz word”, but the reality is that distraction is the rule. We produce over 1000 thoughts a second. Because our mind follows our breath, when we manage our breath we can influence the quality of our mind NOW.

Breath is a free, “on tap” resource which has a powerful impact when harnessed properly. The techniques are safe, effective, and are designed to do anywhere.

Looking to empower your team with techniques to enhance their well-being, mastery and performance? Book a lunch & learn workshop to cover:

  • Proper breathing: most get it backwards, which unknowingly can add to our stress.
  • Learn how to harness your breath to enhance calm, or wake up.
  • Learn how to breath and which position to lie in to support sleep.
  • Learn why breathing more from one nostril or the other can impact performance and well-being, why you should care and what to do about it.
  • Techniques to enhance focus.
  • Techniques to enhance personal projection – great when giving speeches, chairing meetings or leading in public situation.
  • An “ask me anything section” for breathing techniques to support any given situation not covered with the above.

Workshops can be run remotely by video conference or in person.
Interested in a Lunch & Learn or 1-hour workshop?